YouTube Launches Go Live Together Feature for Co-Hosted Livestreams

  • 04-02-2023 |
  • Polad Aladi

YouTube has recently unveiled its newest feature, Go Live Together, which allows two or more content creators to co-host livestreams. With this feature, creators can more easily collaborate and engage with their viewers with a larger presence. This feature is available on iOS and Android mobile devices and requires the host to have at least 50 subscribers before they can invite a guest. 

With Go Live Together, the host can either add a guest before the broadcast or during the livestream. This feature allows for up to three people to be on the livestream at any given time. However, the host is the only person who can actually control the broadcast, such as starting and stopping the livestream and adding new guests. 

This feature also allows for easy collaboration as the host and guest can easily switch between talking, playing a game, or whatever other activities they can think of. Additionally, viewers can interact with the guests and host through comments, questions, and other features. This makes for a more engaging and interactive experience for viewers. 

The host also has the ability to add videos and images to their livestream. This can be used to showcase artwork, products, or even just provide more visual stimulation. Additionally, viewers can purchase products that are featured in the livestream in real-time. 

YouTube's Go Live Together feature is a great way for content creators to collaborate and engage with their viewers in a more comprehensive manner. This feature is sure to provide more enjoyable and interactive experiences for both viewers and creators alike.