Poppy Playtime review

Poppy Playtime

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Poppy Playtime is a gorgeously designed game that takes players on a trip down memory lane with its "Jimmy Carter period" visuals, while also delivering a spine-chilling dose of true horror. The audio environment of the game is spot-on, with periodic strange sounds of someone rustling behind you, old squeaky door hinges, and of course the vintage infomercials, which really add to the sense of unease and mystery.


In order to find out what happened to the Prototype and the Playtime Company, the player must watch the VHS tape and read the note. The game is focused on exploration and puzzle-solving and combines first-person and point-and-click elements. Since you don't have any weapons in this game, your only option, if you come across any adversaries, is to run away. Additionally, since there are no places to hide, you're always on the move, which makes for a unique and exciting experience


Poppy Playtime's aesthetics are sure to please any fan of survival horror games. The level of detail in the visuals is impressive, and even though you may not get to enjoy them much while you're playing, they're still a big part of the experience. When you do get a chance to stop and take in the landscape, it's always too eerie to stay for long. The game usually gives you plenty of chances to escape whatever is chasing you.


The lack of replayability in Poppy Playtime is both a good and bad thing. On one hand, the game is exciting and thrilling. On the other hand, you may encounter some glitches which can make the game frustrating. Additionally, you may not be motivated to play the game again after completing it since there isn't much reason to replay it.


Poppy Playtime is a game that will definitely challenge your capacity for critical thought. The puzzles are beautifully made, however, some of them may be glitchy, broken, or just unfair. Despite this, Poppy Playtime is still an excellent option to attempt if you're seeking a game that will challenge your intellect while also keeping you on your toes.


  • There are three alternative outcomes for the story now
  • Find out a lot of background data
  • To solve a riddle, try different strategies


  • The game has a spooky feel

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