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Gacha Life

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The Gacha series is well known as an anime character constructor app. This one seems a mixture Gacha Studio and The Sims, featuring a life simulator, though not nearly as advanced. Still, this game (or rather a mixture of a toy and a tool in a game-like shell) has a lot to attract anime lovers.

Gameplay 10/10

Gacha Life, completing Gacha universe, is a life simulator, allowing for you to create up to 20 characters and arrange them in live scenes, with up to eight participants in each. It’s like toy dolls, but on a level that would get many adults curious.

There are many things to do to customize your characters in Gacha apps, and here are all of them. Dress them up, select their faces and body types, and give them names. You can create skits with them, selecting their positions, close-ups, the distance between them, and then export and publish it.

The gems you need to unleash your creativity can be purchased for real money or obtained in mini-games. Each of these games features leaderboards and lets you earn, though maybe you’ll need more gems.

So far it’s not so deeply online as we’d wish, only featuring online chat with Gacha avatars, but still, we can explore different areas of Gacha town, interact with NPCs, and it’s required to raise your level and unlock new characters, items, and features. It would have been great to see Gacha version of Avakin Life, but it takes much more work.

For many users, Gacha Life is a great tool for producing memes and web comic strips. It has all the tools to make beautiful characters with postures and composures you like, and their faces are highly customizable too. Select the background, position the characters, write the dialogs and change their faces and postures to show them react. It may seem lots of fiddling as you start, but then it all gets easier and better.

Visuals 10/10

Gacha apps are traditionally rich in elements. Gacha Life, say, features 24 pages of backgrounds alone, with 25 pictures on each! Anime-styled characters are fully customizable, and the way they will finally look is up to you. Appearance is made of plain elements, but the result is impressive. Animations are good too. So if you only need anime-styled pictures to fill them with ideas, you’re there.

Play Play Repeat 10/10

First of all, it’s a studio, and you can play it as long as you have ideas to apply. It’s especially inexhaustible if you use Gacha to make your own works, with its great anime-styled characters and rich skit customization options. So, it’s up to your creativity.

Controls 10/10

The best thing that can be said about controls is that there is nothing to learn and master. That’s exactly the case with Gacha Life. It’s all controlled with buttons that are easy to find and still easier to figure out.

The Verdict

Gacha Life is probably the best of Gacha apps. Its studio is as great as in other apps, but this one doesn’t look so terribly incomplete. Its skit studio is a gold mine for meme makers. And its life-simulator offers some hours of good fun.


  • Up to 20 customizable characters
  • Skit studio
  • Mini-games included
  • This is the most elaborate of Gacha apps.


  • The game is sort of online features, except for chat
  • Lags on old devices or the modern ones with 4K screens.

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  • I love this game I have played it on my moms phone but she keeps getting calls from people and I never get time to play and when I want to play again she wont let me.i really want to play it on my laptop pls let me.Thank you or not if you cant let me I'm saying it in a nice way pls pls pls.
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